“The excellent choice of Bristol Thai Massage”

Gedhawa Thai Wellness Massage & Beauty, we are a treatment room located in Clifton, Bristol. We offer a range of Thai massage, beauty treatments and pampering packages including pregnancy massage, 6- steps facial treatment and foot spa in Traditional Thai Lanna(Northern) style combines with Western spa. You will be nurtured and cared for by certified and experienced therapist “Polly” as you are special person. We are ready to take you away from the daily stress with our massage therapy courses and the relaxing atmosphere of our place, along with providing you with pre- and post-massage care advice. Your best Thai massage experience can be found here. Gedhawa Thai Wellness Massage & Beauty ensure that your time here is relaxing, rejuvenating and pleasurable experience. 

Thai Massage Bristol
Gedhawa”  is Local Thai Lanna (Northern) name of Cape Jasmine or commonly known as Gardenia. the most common meaning which includes trust, hope, peace, renewal, and protection. Gardenia flowers symbolize everything related to pure attraction and the spiritual world.

Why choose Gedhawa Thai Wellness  ??

Looking for a traditional Thai massage in a serene environment? Gedhawa Thai Wellness offers a broad spectrum of treatments to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.  We offer authentic Thai massage treatments in the heart of Bristol. Our facilities are extensive to bring you into the perfect state of balance.

Thai Massage Bristol

We use traditional Thai massage techniques

We offer an extensive range of therapies that emphasise sustainable and organic well-being. Our spa is designed to be a haven of tranquility. That’s why we embrace traditional Thai Lanna’s method as our signature service. In any treatment, we stimulate the nervous system and release muscle tightness.  Additionally, we incorporate aroma, medical healing, state-of-the-art massage techniques, and music.

Whether you want to unknot those ties or release tensions, our treatments will make you look and feel good. This is a surefire way to increase health and vitality at all levels. If you’ve been to a Western spa, you’ll feel the difference at our traditional Thai Spa.


Peaceful and relaxing atmosphere

Once you enter our spa, you’ll feel like you’re in Chiang Mai province, a prominent northern city of Thailand. The relaxing Lanna’s mood atmosphere allows you to enter a ‘cave’ of tranquility to realign your mind. Our interior decor looks cozy and warm, and we observe a high-level cleanliness.  This is just a part of the restorative haven.


We use non-chemical and sustainable products

We use natural and sustainable products.  Our guests love them too!   When a client comes to us, we understand they are putting their health in our hands.  That’s why our products feature naturally-sourced ingredients that offer wholesome personal care.  With pure natural botanicals,

the products positively interact with the skin, there’s less irritation. This is what makes us the best Thai Massage Bristol has to offer.

Thanks to owner of Gedhawa Thai Wellness Spa, we combine holistic approach and Thailand’s alternative medicine.  We also source all our herbal products from Thailand.

Personalised service

During a session, our therapists will customise the service to suit your needs and preferences. You can decide which pressure level suits your specific situation and the part of the body a therapist should work on.  But that’s not all.  Our clients can choose the scents of essential oils that suit them best.  Our therapists are well-trained and offer the best of Thai hospitality.


Delicious treats

Finish your session in a serene environment as you can enjoy a snack and delicious hot tea. The refreshing scent from the Thai herbal tea calm the body and enhances deep sleep.  This tea also helps you detox and offers remarkable de-stress benefits.

Want to treat yourself authentic Thai massage?

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